Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brisbane trip - Roma Street Parkland

This day, we planned to go to the Beer factoury tour at Milton. It was a famous Queensland Beer called XXXX or 4X. We went there without reservation and to only find out that the next tour was 2 hours away. Therefore, we skipped the tour and went to Roma Street Parkland. (By the way, our trip so far are travel by train or bus. As you can see, it was easy to get around in the city with their efficient public transport system. Don't forget the offpeak ticket which costs cheaper to get it.)

The parkland is just a cross the street after got down at Roma Street Train Station and it's easy to find it. I got flu that day, so we didn't take much photos and it was starting to rain around 3 p.m. After the short tour, we head home early and took really good afternoon nap (to better prepare for next day plan).

The first thing that took our sight.

No idea what's the flower name but sure looked interesting.

No, those flowers are real.

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