Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm going to miss you, morning sun shine

In the evening before going home, suddenly I smelled alcohol in my place and it puzzled me. Then I just turn to my manager, who just sits near me, and asked what that smell is. He told me it was alcohol and he was been drinking just now in a karaoke session. I thought it was true (I’m slow when taking jokes from my manager); then later I found out from the company announcement that our software final release testing was a success. In the picture from the announcement, shows there are couple of wine bottle on the table with all the testers (Unfortunately, I’m not one of them) and managers. It was great to see that the software has finally become more stable, reliable and ready to be in pilot phase. That leads to; tomorrow my working hour will be back to normal. From 1030-1930, changed to 0900-1800. (Can’t they just make up their mind? By the way, it just one more day to go) Anyway, I prefer the previous working hours where I woke up naturally (I was woke up by the light of morning sun shine) instead woke up by that noisy alarm clock.

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