Sunday, December 09, 2007

Open House Gathering

My friend bought a new condo in Shah Alam and she invited us to her for a lunch. A free and easy style of lunch, which is the steamboat way. It was nice to see her house renovated and beautifully done. Although she stated that the furniture most of them are given by her relative, but for me, I think it still comfortable and seems new to me.

What I really like is the view from the balcony. Looking down from there is the condo's swimming where there are sound from small fountains splashing around the pool really gives one a relax feeling(except the occasional children playing the pool causing some noise). Plus the breeze coming from the balcony straight into the living room gives me a fresh feeling. Throughout the whole visit, I spend most of my time with others just at the balcony entrance where I believe it the best place to be or perhaps it was the Feng Shui there. I wanted to took some photo, but I was distracted by the view, the relax feeling and the chit-chat with friends.

I reached there about noon and some came late because the location was tricky for them. The food was nice because it was Tom Yam based, which is my favorite flavor for steamboat. Not to mention the hospitality of my friend who brought us room to room tour and explained her house buying and renovation experience.

Finally, I just want to say thank you for you, Zin Lu, for the lunch and great hospitality.

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