Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fire Drill

At this moment, most of my colleague has been waiting at the building's lobby. Why? They suspected a fire drill will be coming soon. Instead of taking the stairs, where they should be in this practice, they took the easy route by using the lift and wait for the drill to happen. From here, I would say the building manager has failed miserably organizing this practice.

As expected, the alarm rang finally and we was told to gather at the receptionist area. Our group was small and my senior was not happy about it. The fire warden, who is the support staff, started the head count and wait for further instruction from the building's speaker. After we got the message that our floor is ready to clear, we started our walking from 27th floor and join into the crowd from upper floor. It was not a comfortable process but I heard that the crowd was much lesser than the previous drill.

Finally, we reached to the open ground and the fire warden directed us to the LRT station, with prepared bottled drinks and sign post with floor numbers. I found my floor number and met up with the rest there. We took an early lunch since it was almost noon. Around 12:30 PM, we came back from lunch and the whole drill has ended.

Hopefully there will not be a second one as this drill, in my opinion, considered unsuccessfully. :P


five fai said...

Luckily you walked from 27th floor to the ground. Imagine that 34th floor or 47th floor :P

Ivan (Gmail) said...

Yeah and fortunately I was in 47th. I was allowed to take the lift from 42th floor to the ground and only walked for 5 floors. For those in 34th floor weren't so fortunate. :P