Monday, December 11, 2006

Treasure Hunt

It was bright sunny Saturday and we (I and my wife) went for a morning workout in the gym. After that, we stop by Sunway College just to check out some IT courses. We got some heading from the internet and newspaper regarding IT courses that are offered in a very affordable price from Sunway College.

After some enquiries with the staff there, the funny part came when we trying to pay the parking ticket. The parking ticket costs RM2. However, both of us do not any small change and the machine only accepts RM1 and RM2 notes. (By the way, an RM2 note has been obsolete by the government). The total amount of coins we have were merely 1.20 and it's not enough to pay for the ticket.

We tried the college canteen to ask for small changes but they weren't open on Saturday. So, we went back to our car to find any coins just to pay up the amount. Unfortunately, the ash tray is empty. :O

So, the hunt began. We search through both our seats and bags. We're laughing while searching and unbelief that this would happen to us. Luckily, I remember I've drop a few coins in my bag and in the hollow, which just beside my seat. After a shake here and there, finally we make up the total of the amount to pay the parking ticket.

It's not a bad idea to drop few coins here and there in the car because some day, it might save you from some embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

Yeoh buddy. You could change the small change from the staff there or people who was across you. Unless, you only had RM50 or RM100 note only by that time. :)

When I was in Malaysia, I always faced this problem when I bought train ticket at KTM. They never prepared enough coins and small notes. How the heck can they gain revenue?

Thiam Hooi said...

The previous is from me. :P

Ivan said...

You guessed it right, we only have RM50 notes. :D :D :D