Friday, December 29, 2006

Nightmare after Christmas

No. It's not the movie that I'm talking about but the experience going home one day using the train service.

So, it wasn't the first time that the Putra LRT station had a technical problem. The train was moving slower and stay longer than usual at each of the station. I ended up as one of the office worker who queue up within a long line of people, eagerly getting back home as soon as possible. Some people was complaining while waiting and some people decided to choose another alternative way to go home. But I decided to stay quite and wait. Unfortunately, it took me 45 minutes in order to get onto the train.

I thought that was end of my nightmare when I get down on Central intersection. Well, the KTM train wasn't turn up so nicely as I thought it would be.

First, the air-cond was off. In my opinion, they can turn off anything but the air-cond. Second, a lot of people took the same train as I did. Third, the windows were tightly shut. When I was in the train, I thought I'm unable to breath due to the crowd and the tightly shut windows. Subsequently, the compartment was getting hotter and hotter. All the people started to feel the air humidity and temperature raising. I bet everybody's mind was thinking how fast the next stop would reach and looking forward the door to open again. At this time, we all would be relieved to get some fresh air gushing in.

While we all was day dreaming, the train moved for 5 minutes and then suddenly stopped in middle of nowhere. Later on, came an announcement that our train has to be halt for the commercial train to pass by. "Oh man!". That's the response came through everybody's mind.

We all waited patiently for 15 minutes and the air became so humid that all the windows were misted. Some people still had the humor to draw a "SOS" message on the windows. :D Fortunately, some people manage to get one of the window opened and this bring a little relief to us. However, that didn't solve the air problem in the compartment and it became harder to breathe. Then we saw 2 trains passed by and our train moved on after that. Some people got down on the first stop due to unable to withstand the air quality.

Anyway, I decided to stay in the train even though my mind was tempted to get down at the first stop; and I was right. After a few stop, then came a staff with special tool which specifically used to open those windows. Then the whole environment started to live up a bit due a lot people was frowning their faces all the while, including me. :D

When I get down on my stop, there was a temptation to kiss on the floor and said "I'm alive".

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