Monday, December 11, 2006

A group of travelers

I like watching anime but not a fan for it. Don't get me wrong that I'm still a kid who watches sailormoon or dragonball. There are some anime which made for adults and some even made it into the movie.

Well, one of my favorite is Cowboy Bebop and the good news is, the same director has made a new series (Not so new actually because it was made in 2004). It was called Samurai Champloo. I picked it up when I was in a book fair and this series turn out to be quite good. Each of the main characters in the story have their own unique style and thought, which made the whole story very interesting to watch.

Anyway, I'm not going to start a review about it here due to a lot of review has been out there (Try Google). However, the interesting part which I found in this anime and Cowboy Bebop is that, both story start with character on a journey. He/She found a companion along the journey and they all traveling together. A lot of fun and interesting event happened on their way and they all overcome their obstacle together. Finally, the journey came to the end and the group of travelers gone to their separate way.

Somehow, I wonder all this reflect to my life (I believe this affects everybody's life). I went change my high school once and so I end up having 2 groups of high school friends. Nevertheless, everybody has to go their own way. I've change my job once and the same thing happened again.

It always been sad to me when the anime character has to go their separate ways in the end, but I believe that's how life should be and waiting to begin another new journey again.

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