Monday, December 04, 2006

Programming can be fun

In my colleague years, I have done my first program using turbo pascal. Then I moved up from there using C programming. Unfortunately, the way of the tutor teaching C programming was too dogmatic and it makes the whole class very boring and dull. Nevertheless, I still pass the subject in a hard way.

Then I went into university and heard something about C++, which is more advance than C and most of my friend said that this language is too hard to learn. (I've learn pointers in C and it took me some time to figure it out.) Anyway, I get a sense of fear when people talks about C++ even though I haven't touch and see the language itself. Well, perhaps it was because the "++" follows behind the "C" word makes it sounds like very advance, tough and only genius knows how to use it.

So, it's been 5 years now and people still using C programming to write their program for commercial use. It's hard for me to believe due to I'm VB fan and I thought people should have advanced to a more high level language (like .Net). Due to this fact, I went to the internet to find something about C programming.

The site provide a lot material and resource regarding this language. I started to find my initial perception on C++ wasn't quite true (perhaps it was Object Oriented Programming language that cause a lot of people to stay away it). After looking through the book review section on that website, I bought myself a book on C++, titled "C++ without fear". How nice. The best thing was, I got the book through a book fair with a very affordable price.

Perhaps it was time for me to pick up a "new" language. Not for academic purpose but for the fun of learning and knowledge. :)


Ice Blended Mocha said...

Like you, my first programming language is pascal, if I don't count the turtle basic thingy a programming language. I enjoyed C++ so much, back in college, that I scored A++ for it :P But nowadays, I like web programming more. And yes, programming is FUN.

Ivan said...

Perhaps someday I might try out the web development too. Thanks

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