Monday, January 15, 2007

Leaving the comfort zone

It’s been a week I have landed my job on my new company. I remember the first day I started my training, my mood wasn’t felt quite right. I believe that was due to the unfamiliar environment, work and colleagues. From an ERP software environment to the financial credit card system seems to be a lot of changes for me. In addition to that, my mind is still trying to fall back the daily behavior in my previous job and it took me couple of days to adjust my mind to feel a bit of comfort in my current office.

Nevertheless, the external environment still remains the same. My current job location wasn’t too far away from my previous job and I still able to enjoy my lunch hour as usual before. From time to time, I still able meet up with some ex-colleague (different department) on lunch hour or at the LRT station after working hours. Funny thing was, they didn’t know I have left (mind you that I’m just only a small potatoes) and asked me how come I’m wearing casual wear to work. Am I on MC they asked. After clearing up the confusion, a sense of embarrassment runs thru my mind. Well, they have to know it eventually and by the way, we have plenty of chances to meet up at the LRT station.

So, leaving comfort zone was just only the first step and there are many more steps waiting to be explored. Whether those steps are taking to me to higher or lower ground, in my opinion, I hope those steps would take me to more fulfillment and happier experience.


Thiam Hooi said...

Haha... You met your ex-colleague at new company... Like what was happened last time.

Wish you, all the Prosperity and great times ahead

Ivan said...

:D Thanks. I wish you the same too. ;)