Monday, March 06, 2006

I've been tagged

I was tagged by Lydia and here are the statements.

List 5 weird or random things about yourself:
  1. I'm not a basketball player - My height was 183cm (maybe i'll be taller next year), and everybody on first time they know me will ask, "Are you a basketball player at school?"
  2. I talk to non living object or to myself - Strange indeed that I'm still running around in the city where i should be in a sanitarum. Recent line used on talk to non living object: "Wah, 30 cents ah!" after reading the online news and talk to the monitor.
  3. I looked 5 years younger than my real age - I don't know why, every time i ask my new friend to guess my age, they always answer 5 years younger than my real age. When i told them my real age, i was expecting the question "What is your secret?" come after and usually it didn't.
  4. I scored 5 years older than my real age on age thinking test - I forgot where the quiz URL, nevertheless it shows my thinking 5 years older than my real age. Maybe my brain is ageing faster than my physical body. (I heard they have anti ageing cream for facial, skin or body in the market. Do they have anti ageing product for brain?)
  5. I'm not good at remembering names. Due to the brain ageing? Hope not.

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