Monday, March 27, 2006

Back to Kuantan - Day 3 & 4

10th Mar – The third day in Kuantan. In the morning, we went to the so called “Kemaman kopitiam” in Kuantan. I went to the famous kopitiam in Kemaman before and believe me, their coffee is really good. I thought they brought the coffee to Kuantan town because my dad mentioned to me before that this sort of kopitiam was booming in kuantan. To my curiosity, we went there to find out. It looks almost the same as the one in kemaman, the environment feels also the same but the taste is way far, I repeat, way far difference from the one I taste in kemaman. Not to mention the food/coffee price is almost the same or more expensive than the I’ve tasted in KL. (I think most people have this sort of tendency of jumping into the trend bandwagon. However, those “bandwagon jumper” seems to lack of passion or quality in their business and I don’t think their customer come back for more. The first customer starting to do that will be me.) Anyway, life goes on.

To prove to my gf that the coffee in kemaman is far way better than the one we tasted in Kuantan, I decided to take her there. It just only an hour or two drive to reach there and unfortunately, it didn’t open on Friday. (Can you believe that? People in Kemaman off on Friday. Gee.) Since, we’re there, we just move to our next plan which is the Cherating beach. Nothing much you can see there except tree, sand, sea, kite, cap and couple of people there. (Unfortunately, no nude people sun bathing on the beach. Maybe they’re on the other side of the beach.) Anyway, we took couple of pictures there and heading back to Kuantan.

On our way back, we wanted to stop by the Legend hotel to check out the hotel there for photo session. Just before the turning into the hotel, we saw a guy asking for help with his gf, and his car stranded. Then I went down and talk to the guy just to find out one of their tire is punctured. His didn’t have his tool to remove the wheel, so what I did was just lend him my tire iron (used for removing the wheel) and he was grateful that I’ve helped. I have no idea how my gf took the photo, but it’s kinda funny to see that I’m like dancing beside the guy in the photo. After he had changed his tire and return the tool back to me, I continue my journey into hotel. Due to there nothing much in there, we had a quick stay and we moved on to back to Kuantan.

When we arrived at Kuantan, it was just nice for lunch. We went to the Kuantan famous pan mee. Then later, we went back to the condo to get some shower and rest. After that, we went out again to go the park Taman Gelora. It was Small Park for the people to exercise and do some fishing. Although fishing in the lake was prohibited, people just fish on the nearby beach. Again, photo session and walk around in park with my gf.

We leaved Tamam Gelora around 6pm. As promised, we went to Teluk Cempedak beach again just to take even more photos. Just before the sun set, I called my dad for where we’re going to have our dinner. He decided to bring us for “bah kut teh”. Although the place wasn’t I expected to be the famous one in Kuantan, nevertheless it was still has its own specialty. (Dried or “kon lou” “bah kut teh”). After the dinner, we just went back to our condo and prepared to leave on the next morning.

11th – The last day of our trip. We’ve prepared our stuff and luggage, and leave the condo around 9 in the morning. We went to the cafeteria where it was famous of its curry mee for breakfast. After the breakfast and I have returned the keys to my dad, we went straight back to KL. We arrived in KL around 1 pm and later that day, I got a friend’s wedding dinner to attend. It seems like this vacation is really well spend.

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Anonymous said...

Haha, well, I think it's nice and worth it for me to capture down the natural expression instead of the one that was posed, especially for such a generous and kind gesture. You won't find it so often. ;p