Thursday, March 23, 2006

Back to Kuantan – Day 1

I and my gf have planned with my colleague to go Thailand – Koh Sa Mui for vacation couples of month ago. We got the ticket thru a promotion and it’s a bargain with that low price air fare. However, in the end, it turn out that I have mismanaged my financial and I have no choice but to skip this trip with them. (Perhaps I can join on the coming vacation trip which they are currently planning it now :D) Anyway, since I’m not going to Thailand plus I and my gf have already took leave in my company, so we decided to go back to my hometown – Kuantan for vacation. It was a 3 days trip, so I’ll blog it in 3 separate blog.

8th Mar - I woke up early in the morning by my alarm clock. I brushed up, checked and picked up my luggage, heading towards my car and ready to go. Then I was stopped by my uncle telling me that I have a 'stock' to deliver for my father lived in Kuantan. He went back to the kitchen, took out a bucket of Alor Vera and put it at the back seat of my car. Furthermore, he instructed me to put those Alor Vera on standing position because it will be damaged if it was on lying position. After some adjustment, I found that the back seat seat belt comes in very handy for this problem.

After everything all set, I went to pick up my gf and we went to the near by “kopitiam” for breakfast. After the breakfast, we headed straight to the highway to Kuantan. 30 minutes later, we have traveled 1/5 of the distance and my car was going down from a slope. Then suddenly, the whole windscreen just cracked. I didn’t see any flying object coming from the front and I have no idea what happened because it happened so fast. Nevertheless, I have to slow down my car and check my gf condition whether she’s alright. Luckily, no one was hurt and then I asked, ”Should we keep going or head back to KL?”. I know; it’s a stupid question. So, we headed back to KL to fix the windscreen and it turn out it will take quite some time. By the time the windscreen is fixed, it was late and we decided to postpone the trip to tomorrow.

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