Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back to Kuantan – Day 2

9th Mar – The second day of our trip. It was a good weather in the morning. We left the house around 8 and went to a cafeteria to get our breakfast. After we spend around half an hour on our breakfast, we left there around 9 and went straight to the highway again.

It’s been quite a while that I didn’t go back to my hometown. This is because my dad usually come up to KL instead we go back to Kuantan. By the way, all our relatives are in KL except my dad who loves to be in Kuantan due to its weather and his friends there. Furthermore, most of my friend in Kuantan is either I have lost contact with them or they’re now working in KL. :(

Anyway, the first stop we are going to is my mom resting place. It was reside in a temple where it is open to public to come and visit. When we reached there, it was around noon and we accidentally found a lake nearby the temple. I believe it was build just recently because the paint, the structure there all seems quite new. Anyway, after a picture session at the lake and pray for my mom at the temple, we headed to the town for our lunch.

There weren’t many changes in the town except there’s a lot of new building under construction. A view on those building, I can see most of them are shop lot instead of office block. As far as I concern, the population in Kuantan was little, therefore I conclude that the buying power there isn’t high. However, there are already so many shop lots available, plus the shopping plaza and mall. Is building shop lot becoming a trend? Don’t ask me.

After we’ve finished our lunch nearby the Kuantan main market, we went back to my dad’s condo to put down our luggage and rest. Later, we went out again to get dried food which is the famous in Kuantan. They have a lot variety there including fish, squid, shrimp, nuts and beans. After we have done with our purchases, we headed to the beach – Teluk Cempedak. Here they have 24 hours McDonald (Another 24 hours McDonald that I’ve seen was in Genting) and we went there to have our tea time. We took couple of photos there and due to the day was late, we decided to come back tomorrow for more photos.

At night, my dad took us out for dinner at one of the newly open steamboat restaurant in Kuantan. It uses porridge instead of soup for the customer to cook the dishes. One thing I like about the restaurant is environment where it was clean and comfort. The dishes were quite good when served with porridge. This sort of steamboat wasn’t new in KL but I believe it was new for the people in Kuantan. After the dinner and my dad went back to his house for sleep, we stopped by a satay restaurant (Zul’s satay) to take away some satay for supper, while on our way back to the condo. The satay was really good and fortunately my gf like it. We went to sleep around midnight after finished the satay and planned to go to Cherating on tomorrow.

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