Sunday, February 19, 2006

Colleague's house visit

11th Feb - In the afternoon, I and my GF have arrived at the Wangsa Maju station. We're waiting for our friends to come and pick us up to their house for visit.

It was a custom for chinese to visit friends and family's house during Chinese New Year and get some 'ang pow'. However, the whole celebration last for 15 days and we end up paying the visit on the 14th day.

Anyway, after all the friends have arrived (except for 1), we went for lunch at the nearby area. What's on the menu was 'cendol' and 'rojak'. Both of the malaysian speciality food taste really good and plus the environment was not bad either. Thanks to the weather that which is cloudy and no rain at all on that day. :D

From the left is Teck Aun, Lydia and Zin Lu. Look upon their faces, you can see how good is the food from their smile. :D

After we've finished our lunch, we went back to the station to pick up another friend and went straight to Lydia's house. The first thing we've notice once we enter the gate, there was this whole floor of cactus. It was lydia's father's hobby of growing different type of cactus. If you have growing cactus lately but the cactus keep on dying, maybe you can consult lydia's father for advise. :D

We eat some snacks, chatting, checking around the house, looking at lydia's photo collection and all that, we spend around 2 hours there. Then, we moved to our next destination which is Teck Aun's house.

Teck Aun's house is a bit hard to find because it was located on shop lots. We need to climb thru a staire case beside one of the shop to go to his house. When we finally reached there, It was like a sanctuary hiding inside a city and separated it from the city's hustle and bustle. It was hardly to hear any car noise from there and even more quite than my place which is located in residental area. :D

Anyway, we did the same thing what we do at lydia's house. Eating snacks, chatting, watching TV, checking out Teck Aun's growing up photos and by the time we leave, it was 5 pm in the afternoon.

It was really fun to go their house and we can get to know them more by looking their childhood photos and checking out their room. Hahahaha. Maybe next time we should have some parties at their house and turn their house upside down (which i think it's least likely to happen :D)

p/s: For more photos, go to here.

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