Monday, February 06, 2006

Primer gathering

I got a call from collegue friend informed me there will be a gathering with the "old folks". The plan is, we're going to have a dinner at restaurant to celebrate this chinese new year together.

So, last saturday, the day has finally come. I drove to one of my friend's house and we went to the restaurant together with others. Some already have arrived and waiting at the restaurant and we're the last to arrived.After we done with the head count, dinner is served.
When we have finished our dinner and ask for the bill, to our surprise the bill was a little expensive than what was written on the menu. After checking on the receipt, all those surcharge was actually cost by the drink, tidbits and hand towels. Anyway, life goes on. Hahaha.
After we finished with the dinner, we decided to went to The Curve to have a walk and took some photos there. Later we stopped by at Coffee Bean and have a couple of drinks there. Finally, we went to our separate ways back at 11:30pm.
It's good to have a gathering once in a while at a expensive restaurant. However, becareful to watch out to some of the restaurant where you might eat off your wallet.

P/s: More photos can be viewed here.

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