Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Penang Trip Part 1

I had a trip to Penang with my colleague and friends last month. I wanted to put all the experience there onto my blog but I'm was busy with Call of Duty. Fortunately, the game was short and now I'm back to write down the whole experience of the trip. The whole trip took 3 days and I divided this blog into 3 parts. I have finished Part 2 and currently I'm writing on Part 3. Here's Part 1

21st Oct – Just as planned by our organizer, I left my office at 7:15PM after finished my work (or did I?) and went to the food court to meet up the rest of the trip member. I didn’t take my dinner at there, because I had a very huge lunch (City Square Clay Pot Chicken Rice) that day. I met up couple of new friends from my colleague and more is on the way. We spend around an hour there having dinner and by the way, it was a long queue to get dinner due to “buka puasa” for the Muslim.

After everybody on the name list (Thanks to our organizer for the name list) has arrived, we divided ourselves into 3 groups and meet up at a petrol station. Before that, we have 2 walkie-talkie provided by one of the friends (Cool eh?) for those who are not familiar with Ipoh/Penang road (That’s me). We took off from the petrol station and heading to the highway. Unfortunately, there’s traffic jam on the way and by the time we reached the highway toll, it was already passed 9. It took us another 2 hours to reach Ipoh and the first thing to do when we arrived, is to check in into a budgeted hotel.

Most of them were shocked when they saw the hotel. First, it was located in the red light district (I guess, because I saw some lady boy was hanging around there looking for business). Second, the hotel is an old building and only has 4 floors. The furniture, the air-conditioning and the tiles on the floor is still old fashioned (I believe the hotel owner never renovate his hotel). However, I’ve been to the worst than this one, so it won’t be much of the “mental impact” to me.

After we have settled down our luggage; without any shower, we went to the famous Ipoh Chicken Noodle shop by foot. The place was very near to our hotel by 2-3 blocks away and we had our supper there until 1am. We went back to our hotel, get a shower and by the time we went to bed, it was 2am.

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