Friday, November 04, 2005

Penang Trip Part 3

23rd Oct – It was 7:30AM in the morning again. I was waked up naturally without any help from the alarm. After I get myself brush up, I wait for the others at the living room. By the time everybody was ready, it was around 8:00AM and we’re heading to Bukit Bendera for hiking. Again, it took us quite a while to actually find the place. When we reached there, it was 9:00AM already and it wasn’t the place we were actually looking for. Let me explain. The place we have arrived is actually a tourist place; the hiking place is actually from the other side of the hill, according to one of the friend’s information. We even confirmed that after we asked the local people for direction. Thus, we can’t hike from here because there is no hiking path except the tram. Well, there wasn’t much time left for us because we need to check out at 1:00PM. Therefore, we changed the plan from hiking to have a walk in the Air Hitam market, a market nearby Bukit Bendera. Since we haven’t taken our breakfast yet, we went to the market to have some of the local delicacies.
After the walk in the market, we take a spin around Penang city center. We stopped nearby some shops just to get the famous Tam Bun biscuit and Buah Pala. We wanted to moved on to the famous Cendol, which just located nearby but it was too late for out check out. So, we decided to come back later after we have check out from our apartment. We was manage to get back to the apartment around 12:15PM before the check out. There was a rush on the shower and the packing because it seems that there wasn’t enough time for everybody. Fortunately everybody was able to get their shower and we was manage to check out in time.

We went back to location where we found the cendol and have our lunch there. The cendol stall was located nearby an old cafeteria, where it has some other food beside the cendol. I tried out the cendol and it was really good. It has almost the same taste I had in Kuantan (it was long time ago) but not in KL. Beside that, I was told that the laksa there was famous and it was true. The laksa taste was one of its kinds where I just can’t find the same taste in any other places. It was so good that I even empty the soup as well. Hahaha.
After the lunch, some of the friends went to get the biscuit and some went for shopping. After everybody finished their shopping, around 3:00PM, we head back to KL. Along the way back, we have couple of stops at the rest house. This is because after the meal and the weather were hot, I felt sleepy and needed the break. Nevertheless, we reached KL safely and the time was around 8:00PM. I sent one my friend to a LRT station and went straight back to home.

Conclusion, the name of this trip was Penang Eating Trip (Sorry for mention this at the end of the blog) and no doubt it’s all about eating. However, I think most of the time was spend on traveling because we are not familiar with Ipoh and Penang’s direction. And I think it would be much more fun to visit the local tourism places where we can put some of the energy on foot instead of sitting in the car all day. Nevertheless, I considered it a good trip because I met some new friends and all of them are very sporting. Maybe traveling wasn’t much about the places that I’m going; it’s about who I’m going with. :P

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Kate said...

Eh, good blogs... As the organizer for the trip, I think I failed to plan properly for the right directions for the places we headed for. I would enhance it to avoid the time spent for the delays in the coming trips. Thanks for putting them up in your blogs... *wink*