Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dinner is ready

12th Nov - It was 8:30am. I got a call from an unknown number (it's a lady voice) and the phone conversation goes like this.

Unknown: “Hi, is this Vesco?”
Me: (Still blur after woke up by the phone) “No, this is not Vesco.”
Unknown: “Are you Vesco from XXX” (I forgot the location XXX in the conversation)
Me: “No, I'm not Vesco. What phone number did you dialed?”
Unknown: “Is there anybody called Vesco there?”
Me: “No, there's nobody here called Vesco”
Unknow: “Sorry, wrong number then” (Hang up)
Me: (Went back to sleep)

I thought when I answered the phone, “No, this is not Vesco”, should end the conversation. Somehow, this lady sounds to me like, she deny the reality that she made the wrong called. (She never missed a dial?) Or maybe I should answer, “Sorry, wrong number” and hang up after she said hi (It's rude, I know, but save a lot of time). :D Anyway, fast forward to 4:00PM.

After I took a shower, I brought a bottle of Baileys into my car and head straight to my colleague's house for dinner. It was planned couple of weeks ago where we finally decided to have a dinner at one of the colleague house. I really like this idea because I have been eating out a lot and I am bored with the restaurant or stall food. Initially, the plan was agreed by 4-5 people. Later, they start bringing people in to join us and from there, it grows to 11 people. (Luckily it wasn't 13) Beside that, this dinner is special than other house dinner because it was prepared instead of one chef, we have 3!

While I was stuck in the traffic jam, I got a call from one of the chef suggested me to get the movie ticket. (The plan included movie after the dinner. Later, we found out that it was a bad idea) I agreed with her and head straight to the cinema to get the ticket. After I got the ticket, I received a call from my colleague stating that we have 3 more colleagues waiting at the train station. He asked me to pick them on the way to the house and I agreed (Again). Well, this is the first time I went to the Subang Jaya train station and I'm not really familiar with the road in this area. However, I got a little helper luckily. It's a Klang Valley map book. (It would be better if it was a GPS. Global Positioning System)
After I have picked up the 3 colleagues, I head straight to the house without delay because I think we're late. By the time we reached there, it was 6:15PM and the dinner hasn't started yet. Then I waited on the living watching TV for the food to be prepared. The dinner starts at 7:30PM and I was glad because I was really hungry. (Maybe they do that on purpose because food tastes better when the person is hungry)

There are 6 types of dish and a soup on the table: 2 chicken dishes, 1 mixed vegetable, 1 tofu, 3 cawanmushi, 1 fish, and a mixed vegetable soup. Those dishes tasted really good except the soup has less taste in it. (Good for health because it has less salt/msg in it). I think we managed to finish to all the dishes in 30mins but there is more; dessert. Dessert was served with chocolate cake, sweet red bean and jelly. But before that, as promised to my colleague, I and one of my colleague was assigned to wash the dirty dishes. Some of the colleague helps to clean up the floor after I have done the dishes. My Baileys was served after they finished their dessert. Everybody seems to like the taste of it and they almost finished the whole bottle. I think because of too many people sharing a bottle, therefore nobody get drunk and it’s safe for the driver to drive.

After the drinking session, we all are prepared for the movie. Things went out a bit rush because some of them wanted to take a shower before going (So, it was a bad idea to watch movie after a great dinner). As for those who are free, went to the cinema first; others will catch up to them later. At the cinema, those who took the shower arrived at the cinema around 5mins behind the first car (I wonder whether the driver did get drunk and arrived at the cinema at this amazing speed). Anyway, the movie turns out really nice and the title was “Chicken Little”. (Yeah, chicken again after 2 chicken dishes)

Finally, I really like this kind of dinner once in a while because the next workday, there is a lot of opinion and complaint from the chef regarding the dinner (therefore, it’s better not do it too often). Suggestion was raised such as everybody brings their dishes there instead of cooking all the dishes in one place; less clean up to do in the kitchen. Nevertheless, I bet there’s one coming in the near future. :D


zoe said...

Ha Ha, it was definitely fun, too bad we miss out the camera. Well, got to put all the pictures in mind already. ;)

Next time guys cook, gals clean up dishes. :p

Ivan said...

I don't mind about it but i think will take longer and no guarantee the food will taste as it was suppose to be. :D

David said...

Bad idea to have it again. I suggest steamboat restaurant. That way u still theoretical do the cooking minus Clean-ups, Mess, washing dishes, mopping floor etc...