Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Look to the bright side

I heard the news from my colleague yesterday. It was about my department is going to be spilt and most of the team member will be assign to other department. I don’t like the idea but I’m looking forward to this news to be announced. This is because I rather heard the news officially announced in the company meeting and see how it goes.

Today, I went to the meeting and the news was true. The company meeting didn’t put up much of the detail how is going to be done but for a second moment, I was heart broken. I looked to one my department colleague and he gave me “There’s nothing we can do about it” look. When the meeting was ended, I met up with my manager on our way back to our place and I joked about this issue; whether I was able to assign to a popular department. (Big mistake; never tell joke to your manager about serious issue) He didn’t say anything it but I can feel the tension is there.

Later, we have our own department meeting. I saw most of the team member faces don’t really like the idea. Anyway, it was decided by the management. People in the meeting talked a little emotional. I think this is because we’re a strong team. We have encountered a lot of issues and solved them, furthermore everybody is working happily. (I think) Beside that, most of the impact should felt by those who start up the department, which including me.

The department was start up by 5 of us, where we actually went to Delft to learn it. We learn everything they provided there in 4 weeks time and take it back to Malaysia. After we take over, I can see things are moving very quickly. We’ve managed to complete a project, solved some tough issue which people in Delft unable to solve it (Maybe it’s the distance problem) and I can see it is going on track to become stable and better.

Today, it faces the reality to be split in order to get things done even better. No doubt, this measure does really provide it advantages by solving the misunderstanding between departments. As my manager said, “Look to the bright side”. Well, the bright side which I can think of are, new things to learn and new colleague to meet in coming days. Nevertheless, I’m going to miss my department colleague where we’re working together as a team and really make something out of it.

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