Saturday, September 29, 2007

A walk to the down town (late post)

It was the last weekend at the Cyprus and I decided to go the local Down Town to take some photos. I thought I was going there alone until my colleage agreed that he wanted to have his lunch there. We started our journey around noon because I wanted to try out the local traditional food called Meze for lunch. The weather was hot and dry that day and taking a half hour walk to there was a burning experience.

Without further delay, the first place we went when we reached there was the local souvenir shop and restaurant. It is a beautiful scene as the sun is bright and hot but the shops and restaurant are located inside the alley. Thus, you can feel the cool breeze when walking on the street. There are souvenir shops from calender, t-shirt, postcard to jewelry.

It's something like the Chinese style restaurant where they served a lot of dishes. I have a high expectation on this meal as it cost me 8 pound for it (that's equal RM64 in Malaysia). Maybe the price is mean to be more expensive as that place is famous for tourism. Since I have came all the way just to try it, I'm not gonna spend another hour just to look for cheaper price on the same meal (not to mention the hot weather). Finally, we settled on a restaurant due to its environment, which its roof was covered by umbrellas.

So, the meal started with salad and bread, with 2 sauces and a plate of olive. Next, came a side dish with more bread, a piece of meat and a mushroom. The finale was a plate with 5 different meats, potato and rice. Somehow, this is meal for me is a bit of let down. For the same value of meal in Malaysia, I can get so much more than this or even better. So, the final verdict for Meze: it's a good meal but try it for only once in your life time (rules applies for that restaurant only, there might be exception for others).

After the expensive lunch, we walked around the area with the map given by the restaurant owner. He was very kind to show us a map with interesting places marked on it. Initially, we wanted to go for the big and beautiful church, which I've forgotten the name. Carefully examine that church location on the map shows that church is far beyond human walking distant and thus, we settled for the smaller one. :P We didn't go inside the church as it was closed. We only took couple of pictures on the church and then went home around 4 PM. Yup, it's back to the burning experience again.

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thiam hooi said...

Haha I hope you didn't get too much vitamin D from the sun.

Great burning trip experience !!