Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A trip to the beach - 1st Sep 2007

2 weeks before the trip, me and 3 other guys have a plan to go to the beach. I have checked with the local colleague regarding the attraction here and I got an answer was: the beach. All he said was, "If you want to go somewhere this weekend, you have to go to the beach". I have checked with my boss and he also said the same thing. So, a week before the actual day, my colleague managed to book a car at a price of 15 Cyprus pound per day. This is really a bargain as now in Cyprus because it's summer holiday and really hard to rent a car at this price (The other car rental company offers 20 pound per day and at least rent for 3 days). The owner required us to rent it at least for 2 days and we planned to use the extra day to go somewhere else.

My colleague got the car on Friday evening and they already drove the car around the city at night. I haven't saw the car yet as I went back to home after work because I was kinda tried and lazy to go out. The next morning, we began our journey on 9:15 am and we were going to pick up the rest of guys. On my first look on the car, I was astonished because for a 15 pound car rental, I would guess it's a very out of fashion or old car. But this car is really worth more than its rental value from its looks. It's a small car but comfortable enough for 4 people to travel. There are some flaws on the car on my ride as I noticed the there are wind noise if the air-cond is set to high and door is plastic trimmed. Aside from all this, it's a good car and it drives really smooth.

So, first destination was to the Ayia Napa where it is a town most people talked about its beautiful beaches. As recommended by one of the colleague in the office, we went to the Makronisos Beach at around 11:30 PM. I like it for the first view as there are a lot of beach chair along side the beach. But one of our colleague said that the crowd is rather over aged. :P After a 5 minutes stay on the beach for taking photo; not even touching the sea water, we went back to the road and headed to another beach called the Nissi Beach. Here, the crowd has more youngster and the beach stretch much wider. Of course, the "view" is definitely better than the first beach we just visited. The rest of the guy went for a swim except me, who is staying on the beach to watch over the stuffs. Not going into the water proves I have more time taking photos and enjoy the "view" on the beach. :P

After 4 hours of fun at the beach, it's time to moves (Personally, I think 2 hours is more than enough on the beach. After a swim, get some lunch then head to other places but we end up leaving the beach at 4 pm). We have a tour to the Cape Gkreko then headed to the nearby town Paralimni and Protaras. In the end, we took our dinner at Protaras, where all shops are closed in Paralimni, and enjoyed a live match between Liverpool and Derby.

On our way back home, we were wonder whether to stop by Aiya Napa check out the night life there. But the night was too young and all four in the car haven't took their shower yet. So, we decided to go back and go for a drink instead. As for me, I chose to get an early sleep.

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