Thursday, September 06, 2007

One more week in Cyprus

I just got the news today from my boss where my leave application is rejected. All I get was a email stated that I need to extend another week in Cyprus. This is not good except there are more allowance to earn for another week stay. :P

So, I'm going to miss my family and the food in Malaysia for another week. Hopefully there is miracle happened or I'll just look to the bright side. Anyone wants to go to the beach again? :P


five fai said...

Guess what ?
Is either the project couldn't finish or customer happy with your performance?

Ivan (Gmail) said...

Hahaha. It was the project manager required us to give full support once the project is deployed or in UAT test phase. One of the reason was due to the time zone difference between Malaysia and Europe and the support can not be delay. (Gee... Even though the project is finished, there still support to be done.)