Friday, September 21, 2007

Going home

Today is a special day because today I'm going home. After spending 40 days in Cyprus, finally the time has come. Yesterday, my colleague asked me whether I'm happy that this day has finally come? I replied without any thinking. "Sure it does" and she replied that she almost unable to focus her work just because of thinking coming back home.

If you asked me whether I missed Cyprus? I wish the people here are friendlier. I wish that they have more food variety. I wish the goods and services here are cheaper. I wish the transportation here are easily accessible. I wish there are more places of interest here (exclude the churches, mosque). Nope, I don't miss it at all.

Maybe I was too pampered by the Malaysia's culture, food, places of interest and lifestyle. Maybe I don't own a car here at Cyprus which it could allow me to see and travel more. Maybe I was living at the city center where I should live in the out skirt where the services and goods are cheaper; people may be friendlier.

Blame it on me. The child who demand too much. The child who wanted too much respect. The child who wanted cheap but high quality goods and services. The child that is so active that he wanted to go everywhere and see everything.

In the end, all this doesn't matter anymore because the child is coming home today.

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