Thursday, April 20, 2006

Love the game

I received a forward mail today regarding a guy died in his office for 5 days and nobody knows. The cause of the death is heart attack and the guys just lie on top on his desk when he dies. The article also mentioned about this guy is the first employee comes to work early in the morning and work until late at night. The person who actually finds out was the cleaning lady where she expected nobody will be back to office on weekend until she saw the guy lying there for 2 days. The main point was the end of the forward mail where it was added by the email author. “There is no point working so hard, because nobody will notice it”

I’m not really agreed with it. My point wasn’t about working hard and someone should get notice with it. It about notice shouldn’t be related to working hard at all. If I want to get noticed by someone, I can just run around the street in naked and no doubt everybody will get noticed.

Working hard is about what the person love to do and get really serious about it. The guy above is actually a proof-reader, which before an article goes out into the street, the article has to be checked to make sure there is no mistake such spelling or content by the proof-reader. From here, I can imagine that his job has to be really serious and plays an important role in his organization. Does the guy had in his mind that working hard will get him noticed? Nobody knows except the guy himself.

But somehow, I found that some people nowadays love recognition, power and money more than the job itself. Example, the email author believes in getting noticed on the job and not about loving the job. Not to mention all those agents along the hallway of LRT station giving out leaflet on how to get higher pay by working at home but no description on what’s the job about. People knows how to get rich by opening businesses but do not have the interest in the business itself. (Maybe that’s where the criminal comes in. The person doesn’t care whether the business is legal)

I believe working hard comes naturally when you really love the game. It’s a game that you can play really well and love doing it again and again. Bill Gates is a multi billionaire and has a fortune to feed him for a lifetime. However, he still appears in public promoting his software. Why? I bet he really loves his game.

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