Friday, May 05, 2006

Breakfast is served

This morning as I come to work as usual, I wanted to try other thing for breakfast. This is because every morning, I bought my breakfast from the same stall and I’m getting bored with it. Today, I wanted to get the tuna sandwich near my workplace which taste much better but a bit more expensive than the stall. However, due to I arrived there very early in the morning, my tuna sandwich still haven't open for business yet.

So, I think maybe I come down from my office later to get it. When I reached my desk, I remember that I have 2 instant noodles inside my drawer. It was a gift from my friend who came back from a trip to Thailand. Then I have an idea of having the instant noodle for breakfast because I’m sort lazy to going down to get the sandwich. So, I took the noodles, went to the pantry and start cooking. Here how it goes:

Below is the ingredient and tool needed to prepare the breakfast.

Tool: Microwave oven, a bowl, water cooler machine, fork and spoon, hand towel

Ingredient: 2 instant noodle from Thailand

Direction: Clean up the bowl, fork and spoon using tap water. Open up the instant noodle packet and put the noodles and flavor powders into the bowl. Pour hot water into it using the water cooler machine until the water lever covers up the noodles. Make sure there is enough room for the water to boil. If the water level is too high, when it boils, it will spill and you will loose some of your soup. :D Then put the whole bowl into the microwave carefully. Set the timer to 2 minute and the temperature to high. While the noodle is cooking, prepare the fork and spoon on the table. Prepare yourself a cup of coffee if you wish too because we have plenty of time. Sit patient and wait for the food to cook. Do not open the oven frequently to check whether it’s cooked because that will hinder the cooking process. Once the oven rings, make sure the rings stops before open (That’s what my father told me to avoid wave still coming out from the oven). Open the microwave over and use the hand towel to carry it out from the microwave oven. This is to make sure your dirty hand didn’t touch the bowl and for hygiene purposes. Then breakfast is served. Repeat the direction above for the second instant noodle if the bowl is too small for 2 noodle.

Caution: Do not eat too fast even though the food taste really good because it might burn your tongue. As for children, do not try this at home.

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