Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cut and paste credentials

I was reading the new paper this morning and found an interesting article regarding credentials. It was about people who create their own fake certificate to apply jobs in order to get a higher pay.

The author mentioned more on an chinese idiom; regarding people who didn't go for education end up building wealth and network in the first hand instead of spending time in education. However, for those who earned the education end up working with the imposter. So, for those who has wealth, the education can be sorted out by itself.

I believe the article is not a new issue because I have seen it before. However, there are questions to be pondered upon. There are 3 types of scenario here.

1. People who earn the title or the education.
2. People who has experience but fake the education
3. People who has no experience and fake the education.

People with scenario 1 and 2 can be acceptable since the knowledge and skills are there. The question comes in for those people in scenario 3. How would they able to perform when the environment requires their skill and expertise? BS thru their working life? Or maybe the company just want to show to the shareholders they have so called "expertise" working with them? Well, i believe the question remain there. Beside that, if they really can fake their expertise and knowledge thru the rest of their working life, I think it's better for them to go into sales line where their "skill" is much required in that field. :P

Finally, I really like the author final conclusion which is not the certificate but the education journey that makes the difference. :D

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