Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blackberry phone does not come with address book management

My wife recently just bought a Blackberry 9870 phone with a new Sim card. I was helping her to export her contacts from her old dump phone and import to her new Blackberry. I installed the Blackberry Desktop Software so I can help her to manage the contact easily. To my dismay, the desktop software does not comes with address book management. It relies on Microsoft Outlook or Windows 7 contacts to manage them.

WTH? My dump phone Nokia 2730 that comes with Ovi Desktop software includes a address book management. My wife dump phone sony ericsson comes with address book management software. My Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 also comes with address book management software. Blackberry phone, nothing.

I guess the reason is Blackberry targets on enterprise user which usually uses Microsoft Outlook. However, they seems to be missing the home user market. My wife wanted a Blackberry because she dislikes touch screen phone. She always missed the keys when trying to type a message. In the end, it was Blackberry keyboard that wins her heart (plus she does not plays games with her phone, no point getting a large screen).

Now I have to use the Windows 7 contact to manage the contacts although it seems not very user friendly. Anyway, I was thinking of getting another Blackberry for myself but after all this, I rather get other smartphone instead (sorry to say this but it was all the small things that count for a decision of getting a smartphone).

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