Friday, August 19, 2011

Traveling to China

This is a my second personal trip to China (probably around Beijing). The first one was like ~10 years ago. I was young then and couldn't get any camera gear to take good photos. Now, this coming trip (which I will boarding my flight in 12 hours) with my wife is looking forward to take some great pictures while we there. I bought an extra battery for my camera since the first battery was like more than 2 years old (I was hoping to get the Nikon 35mm 1.8G DX for some night shot but I think I'll settle it with a tripod).

The trip planning wasn't done by me so I have no idea what we're going to do there. Nevertheless, my wife's friend, who's origin there, will take us around for the first couple of days. Later we will be on our own and my wife was rather good on doing adventurous (last minute) planning. :P

Lastly, I'm recovering from flu which I caught it from yesterday. I went to see the doctor this morning and took some medication. Hopefully, it will be all well when I board the flight. Although the flu weakens me but my heart is feeling the excitement on this coming trip.

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