Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pre Chinese New Year Room Cleaning

Yup, the time has come again. After a year long of "junk collection" eating dust in my room, it's time to move them out for good (so, there are spaces for year 2008 junk). Below are some of the common junk that I found.

1. Magazines, Books, Notepads - Magazine in 2006, College and University books, and empty notepad waiting to grow fungus. Send them to the recycle bin.
2. Lotions, Hand creams - Expired in 2002, they got to go.
3. Electronics - Test them and see whether they still work. I found some old camera and I saw some ad in the newspaper that these camera can be used for rebate (for purchasing a new DSLR camera). Better keep them.
4. Souvenirs and free gifts - If it's does not bring back any memories, they should be given away or end up in the dustbin.
5. Promotion brochures and junk mails - They shouldn't be inside my room in the first place. I don't know how they end up here.
6. Credit card receipts - Identify them before throwing it away. Usually, those have passed a year can be safely disposed; else I have to call the bank a year ago. To be safe, keep them for 7 years.

Finally, Gong Xi Fa Chai and Happy Chinese New Year. May you have a clean, healthy and prosperous year ahead.

For my wife: Thank you for helping me cleaning up the room, although 20% of the junk are mine. :P


five fai said...

Meaning she owned 80% of the stock :P

Ivan (Gmail) said...

Fai, I knew you're good at math. :D