Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How close does it get?

One more day to go before Chinese New Year. It's not surprise to see a huge crowd at the train station today on my way home. Some of them are carrying their luggage, waiting eagerly for their train to arrive.

After 12 minutes of waiting, the train has finally come. At the moment the doors open, people are pushing around just to get a step into train. They hope they would get back to home in time, just like me. I was fortunate to able to board the train without any help. Yes, not even walking into the train because there was a large force at my back pushing me into the train(somehow, I think I was lifted into the train). When the doors close, how would the situation inside the train? How close do the passengers get? Below are some of my experiences.

1. I can feel other people body heat.
2. The only way to breath is by looking upwards.
3. I can feel my butt was sitting on other people's butt. (I am 6 feet tall).
4. I can tell who has washed their hair; who hasn't. (eewww!)
5. I always find people brushing their beard on my shoulder when they turn their head (my shoulder is not meant for wiping beard).

So, ladies, skip this one if you don't want to experience anything like I have mentioned above.

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