Saturday, April 14, 2007

RIP, my palm.

No, it's not my hand has any problem. It's my Palm pilot device is broken. I was sad for 1 minute when I took it out from my backpack and found it was broken (Never put your wide screen device in your back pack especially without any cover).

"Why sad for 1 minute? It's a expensive device!"

Well, I've stopped using it for quite a while mainly due to I bought my first Dell laptop. I've spent more time on my laptop than on my PDA. :P Anyway, I think I won't buy anymore personal devices, such wide screen mobile phone or PDA; except for laptop, because PDA and laptop almost cost the same. In the future, I believe desktop or PDA will be replaced by laptop with different sizes (11 - 17 inc. screen) because most my work can be done by using a laptop.

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Thiam Hooi said...

so sad about your palm ... I am thinking to buy a new PDA phone... but it's cost is almost same as laptop ....

Ivan said...

Yeah, it's true

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