Monday, April 02, 2007

Auto update for VB6 application

My daily work used VB6 or to create application, therefore I read books on those programming language to find out better ways to write. In one of the VB books, which I forgotten which one, I came across a point that mentioned "Desktop application lacks of scalability; Internet application lacks of security". Well, perhaps scalability wasn't an issue anymore since DotNet allow automatically update for VB6 application.

Automatically Updating Visual Basic 6 Applications: Part I
Automatic Updating of Visual Basic Applications: Part II

I prefer desktop application to handle data intensive program rather than internet application, which gaining popularity very fast these days especially with introduction of Ajax. No offense to web developer, but I think desktop application provide better response (in terms of UI) than using the browser. I also believe the desktop application will be remain on the PC for many years down the road before internet application would actually take over (Until then, I would probably too old to write programs :P).

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