Sunday, February 16, 2014

Philips Golden Ears - How to beat frequency band challenge

You need 2 browser tabs for this challenge. Open 1 tab in training mode and the other in challenge mode.

First, is to identify the whether the modified music is a boost or cut by switching on and off the effect. A certain jumps in volume is a boost and vice versa.

After identifying boost or cut, then simplify the frequency band change into either bass, mid or high change (You will still need some listening skill for this). Example, a difference in bass can be easily spotted either boost or cut. Then I will be looking into the region of 65, 125 and 250.

Then, re-confirm the answer by switching to the other tab in training mode and confirm the sound is identical in the challenge. That's it.

After getting passed that, the rest will be quite easy. Have fun.

PS: I hope Philips won't strip off my title after reading this. :D

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Anonymous said...

awesome idea.thanks