Friday, May 06, 2011

Avoid prepaid broadband

Half hours of online surfing gone because Maxis has just suddenly cut off my line while i was in the middle of online game with my colleague. I have paid my hard earn money of RM 3 for 2 hours of prepaid internet access and what did i get is just only 1 and 1/2 hour. I also checked the data cap and it still within limit (< 100mb). I can't believe it, also embarrassed, as my colleague couldn't believe it either.

Lesson learned. Prepaid 3G broadband seems not reliable in Maxis. I heard DIGI also having some problem with 3G connection sometimes. Anyway, luckily i got the cheapest package as i was wondering of getting the 10 dollar package for 2 day access. :-P


Thiam Hooi said...

I have been subscribed for monthly data package of 100MB which costs me RM18 per month since last year. It is reliable until now... Of course, I am not using it for gaming purposes and always EDGE connection (more stable than 3G) ... so far so good for me

Ivan said...

Yeah, it's good to have an EDGE connection for IM or Whatsapp. I'm using hotlink it doesn't have the plan like yours. Currently, I'm using the 5mb per week for RM3, which I hope it's just enough.