Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bad attitude

There was one day I went to Sungei Wang for lunch and shopping. I usually go for Low Yat Plaza basement parking because it was much easier to find a parking there than in Sungei Wang. Somehow, there was an event happing in Low Yat and we're are directed to Sungei Wang to look for parking.

As usual, we drove quite a while at the basement car park and finally we saw a couple walking towards their car and seems ready to leave. We putted our car signal on to indicate we going to park this lot once the couple left.

We waited for 5 minutes and the driver still not start their car engine yet. My wife started to get impatient and I can see that the driver was dialing his phone and put the phone towards his ear. Well, all knows that if there is a car waiting for your parking lot, for sure we will try not to make others wait but this driver is clearly seems doesn't care (For optimistic thinking sake, I bet his has an emergency call needs to make at this point of time).

Then I checked my phone (maxis line with the best signal) and it shows that there is none signal bar at all! At this point, I'm not sure whether I should cry because I'm a victim here. Laugh, because of the driver stupidity. Angry, because of the waiting. (Luckily I didn't go crazy because of this mixed feeling).

In the end, I laugh at it, although my wife was angry how could such people exists in the world. All I can say is that stupidity does not have a cure. :D :D :D. The driver finally found out his stupidity in a short while, put down the phone and drove away.

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