Friday, February 13, 2009


For the past 2 months, it has been busy for me. There a lot of issue in my work that I've spend most of the time updating my technical blog. Until now, I'm back to Malaysia and finally got a bit of time to update my personal blog.

I went to Edinburgh with my colleague on Boxing day (Day after Christmas) and it took almost 4 hours drive to get there from Harrogate. The first day we went around town just to check out the castle (which is not open), walk around the Royal Mile and some shopping area. The next day, we went into the castle and to the Holyrood park. On our way back to Harrogate, we stopped by Dirleton Castle before hitting the road again.

The whole trip seems rather short because the night fall around 3 pm and the temperature was cold. But one thing for sure, there are many castle around Edinburgh. If you like history and castle a lot, Edinburgh is one place that you shouldn't be missed. Furthermore, they offer the explorer pass that you can visit as many castle you want, which is value for money.

In short, Edinburgh is very nice place for travel but I think I only covered a small area. There are museum, exhibition, cultural and history tour that I didn't manage to get into. Not to mention, castles that may take weeks to discovery all of them.

Back view of Edinburgh Castle.

Front/Entrance view of Edinburgh Castle.

Canon view from the castle.

Holyrood park.

Edinburgh city view from Holyrood park. My favorite photo.

Inside Dirleton Castle.

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