Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back to Malaysia

As promised, I have uploaded some photos to my web album

Cyprus Trip March 2008

Cooking skill improved
Staying out sometimes proves to have a chance on building up ones cooking skill. The simplest formula (I find cooking is more like a science subject. It won't go wrong if the formula right.) I found is the base and the dishes. The base is something like rice, noodles, potatoes or beans. In Cyprus, the potatoes is the cost effective food I can get compared to rice and others. To prepare it is simple, either boil or fry. Of course, I don't want to get too messy in the kitchen (or rather I save some penny on cooking oil) so I'll boil instead. Then, what about the dishes? The simplest way is to get the tin can food or to have more variety, there are sauces available on the supermarket shelves. Sauces like curry, sweet and sour, Mexican or the spaghetti sauce. Just fry or boil the raw meat and vege until they are cooked, then add the sauce. Stir until all are heated. Finally, serve with boiled potatoes or rice. With this formula, I can get home cook dishes around 80% right. The other 20% is something went wrong. The potatoes not cooked enough or there are too much water added with the sauces. Anyway, things get better on every try.

Going home
25th March 2008 - On my flight back to Malaysia, I found out that getting enough sleep on board is just too hard. I was seated next to the window with the jet engine just 5 meters away. I don't even bother to close up my ear as that won't do any better. I woke up and watch the in-flight TV show instead. What do you know? There are so many in flight announcements, in Arabic and repeated in English, that my "The Office" show doesn't look that funny anymore. Anyway, after I got off from the plane with light-headed, due to not enough sleep, things just don't went so well. 30 minutes wait on the cab and the driver took the long way to get me home. Urggg! I told the taxi to take the shortest route but instead he follow his trusty GPS gadget. Well, that end up taking more time for me to go home and get more sleep.

Finally, at least I back home in one peace, anything before that I rather careless about it.

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