Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's my birthday

First thing first, I'm not posting the article to tell my family and friends that you got to do something on this special day. It just that I always write an article on my blog on my birthday unless there is no internet connection.

I want to thank to my family and friends who sent me birthday wishes. I really appreciate it. As you not know, I'm currently in Cyprus for my work and I'm doing just fine.

Here are some photos I've taken and I'll write my experience here when I have the time. Enjoy. ;)

Business trip to Cyprus


thiam hooi said...

Good leh... You can experience different culture in Cyprus.

But after I saw your photos, the climate looks like very hot and dry. And oh... are you sure you take instant noodle almost 3 times a week?

Ivan (Gmail) said...

Maybe more. Now my instant noodle stock is empty and I've switched to local potatoes, bread and sausage. Life was tough here but manageble for me.