Monday, November 20, 2006

Malaysia Boleh or ...?

I received a URL link from my wife this morning ,which she told me this article is an interesting read. Indeed, it is.

While Malaysia fiddles, its opportunities are running dry

It's hard for me to believe in the first place but columnist don't write without any solid fact. (He can be sued by the government) In addition, the author has written couple of books on Asia economy and I believe what he has written in the article is true.

Nevertheless, after reading it, it just makes me an unhappy taxpayer. :(


Thiam Hooi said...

Straight and clear article. What will be the secondary economy resource after the petroluem?

Ivan said...

So far from what I've hear is the biofuel, which made from plant oil. However, it hasn't been proven yet. Nevertheless, even we have the secondary economy resource, it doesn't stop the 'them' to foolishly spend the country's money.