Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Woman has the right to be 'sticky'

Yesterday I was celebrating my birthday with my family in Genki Sushi. We had a really nice dinner and my brother came up with a nice chat topic. He was complaining about her girlfriend for being too sticky. The term sticky here does not tied to anything about chewing gum, but in terms of communication. Example, communication for everyday or every hour or every minute or every minute between both of them, which usually initiate by the female side. For girls, perhaps the word 'sticky' is the easy way for understanding. For me, i think this is one of the communication abuse.

Let me explain the scenario described by my brother. Sms not replied back to girlfriend or wife within 5 mins and the guy will be questioned why would it take so long for us to reply(allow me to use 'us'/'we' at the moment to represent guys / male). Or maybe sarcastic statement will throw at us if the matter was not handled as quickly as possible ('since your reply so slow, perhaps we shouldn't communicate anymore'). Not to mention online messenger where the response time will get even shorter than sms (< 1 mins).

No doubt the technology has become more advance and provide shorter communication distance between people. However, somehow i saw people abused it and quarrel took on due to long response time. (Believe it or not, it's true)

After my brother statement, the girls are agreed to him that it's normal for girls to behave that way. And for the guys, what else would we said beside agreeing with them as well? (perhaps we don't want to get our ear twisted after the dinner) But one statement we can stand with, if we can't hold their sticky behavior in order to avoid quarrel, perhaps quarrel is the way to solve the problem. Quarrel maybe the way to get more understanding between each other.

Finally, I found nokia's statement 'Connecting People' wasn't so delighting anymore. :P

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