Saturday, June 17, 2006

Phuket trip 21-05-2006

The second day of our trip.

After a good night rest, we woke early in the morning and went for breakfast at the hotel cafeteria. Then later around 10 am, we met up with my sister again and planning to go for the temple visit.

After an hour drive from the hotel to our destination, we finally reached there. We bought some joss sticks, candles and a lotus bud. The lotus is a bit weird to me because I never tried that before in Malaysia. (*I like the lotus bud. It looked so beautiful and pretty to me. I guess it's their culture to pray with the lotus bud. However, lotus bud is a symbol of purity for Chinese culture.) After we prayed, we went around the area to take some photos. We went to the near by flea market to get some souvenirs after the photo session. (*I got a good bargain on the local-made handbag. I never knew that i was a good bargainer. :P) It around noon by the time we're leaving the temple and it was started to rain.

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Our next destination is the Phuket shopping center called the Central Festival. It claims to be the largest in Phuket. Anyway, we went there to get our lunch. Not a formal lunch actually but a cup of fruit shake. As know by most of the people, Thailand has reputation of having very affordable lingerie. So, after shopping session, i'm the only one who come out empty handed. (*You could have gotten some undie or singlets. :P)

After the shopping session, it was close to 2:30 pm. As promised by sister, she will bring us to the local spa. (I and my gf are not very familiar with that place until we come back to Malaysia and check out their web site). We took the oil massage and it cost us around 100 in Malaysia ringgit. (I believe that's the standard price for most of the spa service.) They have different type of oil to choose and each of them have different scent. After an hour spend in the spa, it was really relax and relief to the mind and body. (*All I can comment on the oil massage is the therapist is really a professional. Somehow, on that day itself, it was drizzling outside. The weather, the environment and the massage - they made a good combination.) We also bought some of their product like the body scrub, lotion and etc. (I just only bought the cookies)

After that, we went to the Patong streets again and have our tea time at the local starbuck cafe. Of course, that was after another round of shopping again. (Gee, maybe it wasn't so nice to travel around with girls) We sent our jeep back to the car renter and he send us back to the hotel. We reached the hotel around 5 PM in the evening and get some rest for the dinner tonight.

Around 7:15 PM, we went out again and this time with one of my sister colleague. He drove his car and we all 4 heading to the town for dinner. I'm like cars and my sister's colleague was driving a Honda City VTEC. It was a really nice car with large room and comfort. It priced very cheap in Thailand as well. I was told that the car cost around RM68K, plus it is the newest version of Honda City . (*I was never good at recognising cars. But what i could see in Phuketalot of Honda City that's. Haha :P) was

Anyway, it took another 45 mins drive to reach there. To my surprise, it was really a funky restaurant. That's not all, a nice restaurant has to back up with really good food and it has it all. Here's the photo where they have aquarium inside the TV. (I didn't take much photo at there because i think i went there for dinning, not for photo shooting.) I recommend to go back there again to anyone who is going for Phuket for travel. The name of that place called Natural Restaurant. (*Yah, really salute their innovative mind. Who would have ever thought of turning the monitor into an aquarium besides the TV?! :P)

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After the dinner and couple nice chat at the restaurant, we went back around 9:30PM and rest.

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