Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Loan shark email template

I have a friend who owes me some money but I keep forgetting to ask the money from her. One day, she remembered it and she told me to remind her again. So, what i did was send her the following email. However, I have modified a few of the original content just to make it more professional. Here it goes.


From my 3002 Ebolg accounting system, it shows that you haven't paid me the amount you've owed me for quite sometime. However, currently I have a promotion and I'm charging you the amount you've owe without interest.

The total amount is RMxx.xx. So, please pay quickly because the promotion ends soon.

Ah Long - Ivan

I think some time things can be done in style, even in asking back your money or taking a loan from friends. :D :D

Warning: DO NOT use this template for anything related to legislation.


ahem_ahem said...

Dear Ah Long,
Haiseh, I ngam ngam pay liao.. Thank you ah, you so the kind, never go and slash me wif parang. Some more I beh ki pay for so long also you never charge me bunga.. Kam sia, kam sia.. next time I must come to you again.. I very syok your promotion la

Your truly,
Lydi-Ah Lean

zoe said...

Dear Ah Long and Lydi-Ah Lean, i love both of your comments. ;p Ha ha ha